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Posted by sarahbanks on April 8, 2016

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Most families at some time or other wish they had a family portrait. Whether your children are still growing up or about to leave home, maybe they have left the nest and have families of their own, a family portrait is a way of keeping them together, for all time.

Don’t worry if you feel, like many people, that you don’t “take a good photograph”. In the relaxed atmosphere of my home studio, I will make you look and feel comfortable. 

Being a professional children's photographer I am highly experienced with photographing babies and children of all ages, many families have children that do not like their photo being taken and this is where my knowledge and experience with children really helps.  I have been a professional Pre school and nursery photographer for many years and children always feel relaxed and happy in my company! This is key to achieving great portraits!

I also have the amazing benefit of shooting not just studio portraits but some beautiful lifestyle images in my stunning studio garden, complete with climbing frame to keep little ones entertained.

Don’t forget the family pet, they are very much a part of many families too, and are welcome at my studio, I often include pets with my newborn portraits and you will see many featured in my portfolio.